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Greetings! The ForexIntraDay HYIP Calculator section of is a easy to use tool that helps you calculate the growth of your investment in High Yield Investment Programs Plan Forex 1 program. There are a variety HYIP programs available to investors, both online HYIP programs and HYIP programs off the web. With our ForexIntraDay HYIP calculator below, you can easily calculate the potential growth of your investment for Plan Forex 1 program, the HYIPs that interest you.

ForexIntraDay Program Detail
Plan Forex 1 Period: 22 Trade Days Daily Interest: 1.3% Min -max amount: 1$-400$ Compounding: Yes Deposit Returned: Yes Plan Forex 2 Period: 45 Trade Days Daily Interest: 1.8% Min -max amount: 300$-3000$ Compounding: Yes Deposit Returned: Yes Plan Forex Platinum Period: 60 Trade Days Daily Interest: 2.2% Min -max amount: 2000$-15000$ Compounding: Yes Deposit Returned: Yes

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Calculate your potential profits with ForexIntraDay High Yield Investment Programs

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ForexIntraDay Calculation Results
Your results are based on... $350.00 investment starting on 02/19/2017 for 22 Days at 1.3% interest paid per day calculated every day and compounded with 100% of your profit being reinvested and 0% withdrawn thus resulting in an accumulated profit total of $115.02.
ForexIntraDay Calculation Summary
Accumulated Profit Over 22 Days (100% Compounded): $115.02
Accumulated Percentage Return On Investment (ROI) Over 22 Days: 33%
Total Principal (Deposit + Profit) Over 22 Days (100% Compounded): $465.02
Number of Interest Payments Over 22 Days: (Paid Daily) 22
Investment Starting Date: 02/19/2017
Investment Ending Date: 03/13/2017
Break Even Point
Profit Does Not Yet Exceed Deposited Amount
Reinvest & Withdraw
Reinvested Percentage: 100%
Withdraw Percentage: 0%
Accumulated Reinvested Amount: $115.02
Accumulated Withdraw Amount: $0.00

ForexIntraDay: ForexIntraDay LTD provides ways for clients to increase their capital through commodity raw and stock exchanges. We work within the Forex market, world currency market, futures and world indexes. With our knowledge in these fields we can offer our investors a stable and secure place to invest their capital.

Simply enter your ForexIntraDay HYIP calculator investment, the start date, interest rate, type of interest, term, reinvestment amount... and you can quickly calculate a schedule of the potential growth of Plan Forex 1 program. In addition, you will see a detailed analysis showing a projected investment break even point, a projected reinvestment and withdrawal amounts and statistics.

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